Lakes and Lancs SpoCo Affiliated Clubs Only

    Name     Club       Event    Category

PositionNameClubCatEventEvent TimePoints
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSBorder City 2200:49:45120
2Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2200:51:13119
3Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunBorder City 2200:52:45118
4Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Border City 2200:54:49117
5Russ RichardsonTeesdale CRCM60Border City 2200:55:46116
6Mark EdwardsKendal Cycling ClubM50Border City 2200:55:55115
7Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Border City 2200:56:10114
8Patrick PennefatherBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2200:56:40113
9Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBorder City 2200:56:47112
10Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Border City 2200:57:06111
11Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40Border City 2200:57:17110
12Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSBorder City 2200:57:51109
13John O'CallaghanBarrow Central WheelersM50Border City 2200:57:59108
14Richard ShieldVelo Club CumbriaMSBorder City 2200:58:43107
15Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Border City 2200:58:46106
16Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Border City 2200:59:00105
17Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 2200:59:29104
18James HaddowBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2200:59:30103
19Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Border City 2200:59:34102
20Jeremy ProdgerBeacon WheelersM50Border City 2200:59:53101
21Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Border City 2201:00:11100
22Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 2201:00:1399
23David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Border City 2201:00:3598
24Andy CosgroveTeesdale CRCM50Border City 2201:00:4297
25Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSBorder City 2201:01:2196
26Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Border City 2201:01:2995
27Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Border City 2201:01:4794
28Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Border City 2201:02:5393
29Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Border City 2201:03:5292
30Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2201:04:2691
31Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Border City 2201:05:3690
32Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2201:06:1089
33Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Border City 2201:07:0888
34Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW50Border City 2201:08:1287
35Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2201:10:2686
36Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Border City 2201:13:0385
37Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Border City 2201:22:4384
38Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Border City 2201:27:5383
1Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunMan Wheelers 20.500:53:38120
2Sam ClarkBuxton Cycling ClubMSMan Wheelers 20.500:55:41119
3Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Man Wheelers 20.500:57:06118
4Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Man Wheelers 20.500:57:27117
5Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Man Wheelers 20.500:59:21116
6Mark ReadManchester WheelersMSMan Wheelers 20.501:00:58115
7Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSMan Wheelers 20.501:01:19114
8Simon WatsonBuxton Cycling ClubM40Man Wheelers 20.501:01:20113
9Christian FoxManchester WheelersM40Man Wheelers 20.501:01:54112
10David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Man Wheelers 20.501:02:10111
11Greg VallanceGlossop Kinder VeloM50Man Wheelers 20.501:02:29110
12Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Man Wheelers 20.501:05:55109
13Holly CarterManchester WheelersWSMan Wheelers 20.501:10:34108
14Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW50Man Wheelers 20.501:13:05107
15Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Man Wheelers 20.501:25:09106
16Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Man Wheelers 20.501:36:53105
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBlackburn CTC 1100:25:29120
2Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSBlackburn CTC 1100:26:04119
3Jimmy WrightPreston WheelersM40Blackburn CTC 1100:27:01118
4Sam ClarkBuxton Cycling ClubMSBlackburn CTC 1100:27:40117
5Mark TickleLeigh PremierMSBlackburn CTC 1100:27:46116
6Aidan HolgateNorth Lancs RCMSBlackburn CTC 1100:27:51115
7Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Blackburn CTC 1100:27:57114
8Nathan TurnbullLeigh PremierM40Blackburn CTC 1100:28:03113
9Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Blackburn CTC 1100:28:06112
10Mark BreartonWigan Wheelers CCM40Blackburn CTC 1100:28:11111
11Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Blackburn CTC 1100:28:26110
12Ryan HowarthBlackburn CTCM40Blackburn CTC 1100:28:56109
13Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Blackburn CTC 1100:29:03108
14Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Blackburn CTC 1100:29:10107
14Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Blackburn CTC 1100:29:10107
16Paul TargettPendle ForestM50Blackburn CTC 1100:29:14105
17David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Blackburn CTC 1100:29:17104
18Simon WatsonBuxton Cycling ClubM40Blackburn CTC 1100:29:20103
19Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Blackburn CTC 1100:29:48102
20Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Blackburn CTC 1100:29:49101
21Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Blackburn CTC 1100:30:00100
22Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Blackburn CTC 1100:30:0299
23Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Blackburn CTC 1100:30:3098
24Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Blackburn CTC 1100:31:3497
25Russell AndertonNorth Lancs RCM50Blackburn CTC 1100:33:1996
26Graham SheardNorth Lancs RCM60Blackburn CTC 1100:34:4795
27Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSBlackburn CTC 1100:34:5794
28Lisa GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubW40Blackburn CTC 1100:38:5193
29Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Blackburn CTC 1100:39:4692
1Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40AVV 2501:10:10120
2Nick BadcockAllen Valley VeloMSAVV 2501:13:20119
3Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40AVV 2501:16:05118
4Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40AVV 2501:16:31117
5Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSAVV 2501:17:59116
6Robert ScandleAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:19:17115
7Christopher BeatyAllen Valley VeloMSAVV 2501:19:48114
8Craig FenwickTeam SwiftM40AVV 2501:21:26113
9Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60AVV 2501:21:30112
10Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSAVV 2501:22:03111
11Jeremy ProdgerBeacon WheelersM50AVV 2501:23:22110
12Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50AVV 2501:24:14109
13Christian RobertsAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:25:37108
14Sue RigbyAllen Valley VeloW40AVV 2501:28:10107
15Brendon JacksonAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:28:53106
16Ivan NewtonAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:29:19105
17Malcolm WestAllen Valley VeloM50AVV 2501:30:12104
18Michael WoodhouseAllen Valley VeloM50AVV 2501:31:42103
19Melanie AnnableAllen Valley VeloW40AVV 2501:34:15102
20Daniel AlpinAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:35:16101
21Emma AlpinAllen Valley VeloW40AVV 2501:37:00100
22Claire JacksonAllen Valley VeloW50AVV 2501:37:0399
23Helen RichardsonAllen Valley VeloW50AVV 2501:38:5098
24Paul MorrisonAllen Valley VeloM40AVV 2501:38:5697
25Dean TaylorAllen Valley VeloM50AVV 2501:39:1396
26Sheena HarrisonAllen Valley VeloW50AVV 2501:41:0495
27Stewart BeatyAllen Valley VeloM60AVV 2501:49:1294
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSKent Valley 1500:20:46120
2Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSKent Valley 1500:21:39119
3David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSKent Valley 1500:21:54118
4Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunKent Valley 1500:22:03117
5Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Kent Valley 1500:22:19116
6Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Kent Valley 1500:22:31115
7Leon BarnesLune Racing CCMSKent Valley 1500:22:41114
8George WhartonKent Valley RCMJunKent Valley 1500:22:42113
9Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Kent Valley 1500:22:48112
10Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSKent Valley 1500:22:59111
11Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSKent Valley 1500:23:32110
12Henry MossBarrow Central WheelersMSKent Valley 1500:23:46109
12Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Kent Valley 1500:23:46109
14Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Kent Valley 1500:23:52107
15David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Kent Valley 1500:23:53106
16Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMJunKent Valley 1500:23:59105
17Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Kent Valley 1500:24:04104
18Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Kent Valley 1500:24:15103
19Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvKent Valley 1500:24:19102
20Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Kent Valley 1500:24:30101
21Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Kent Valley 1500:24:31100
22Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Kent Valley 1500:24:3299
23Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Kent Valley 1500:24:3698
24Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Kent Valley 1500:24:4597
25Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50Kent Valley 1500:24:5196
26Keiran SandhamKendal Cycling ClubMSKent Valley 1500:24:5295
27Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Kent Valley 1500:25:0994
28Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Kent Valley 1500:25:1293
29David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Kent Valley 1500:25:1692
30Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Kent Valley 1500:25:4391
31Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Kent Valley 1500:25:4590
32Simon LesterSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Kent Valley 1500:25:5689
33Richard BryanKent Valley RCM60Kent Valley 1500:26:0188
34Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60Kent Valley 1500:26:1187
35Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Kent Valley 1500:26:3386
36Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSKent Valley 1500:28:0985
37Deborah JohnLune Racing CCW50Kent Valley 1500:28:1084
38Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Kent Valley 1500:30:0883
39Neil StirlingKent Valley RCM70Kent Valley 1500:30:5882
40Kath FinnKendal Cycling ClubW50Kent Valley 1500:32:0781
41James LawleyBarrow Central WheelersM70Kent Valley 1500:33:3780
42Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Kent Valley 1500:34:0079
1Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags MTT01:56:33120
2Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSTyneside Vags MTT01:59:10119
3Blaine MetcalfTeam SwiftMSTyneside Vags MTT02:07:51118
4Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:12:54117
5Ken ThursbyTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:16:35116
6Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Tyneside Vags MTT02:17:03115
7Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:18:22114
8Don SpeightTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Tyneside Vags MTT02:22:56113
9Christian RobertsAllen Valley VeloM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:27:48112
10Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:28:00111
11Josh CravenTyneside Vagabonds CCMJunTyneside Vags MTT02:28:28110
12Matthew WellsTyneside Vagabonds CCMJuvTyneside Vags MTT02:29:37109
13Adam HogarthTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags MTT02:30:11108
14Robert BoakTyneside Vagabonds CCM60Tyneside Vags MTT02:33:57107
15Rob HogarthTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags MTT02:38:03106
16Alan MacaulayTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Tyneside Vags MTT02:41:38105
17David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Tyneside Vags MTT02:45:15104
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSBorder City Whs 2901:08:11120
2Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City Whs 2901:10:05119
3David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City Whs 2901:11:33118
4Alistair RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSBorder City Whs 2901:12:14117
5Emil PetrovBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City Whs 2901:13:25116
6Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBorder City Whs 2901:14:07115
7Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Border City Whs 2901:16:31114
8Richard AndersonBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City Whs 2901:16:36113
9Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Border City Whs 2901:17:07112
10Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City Whs 2901:17:32111
11Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSBorder City Whs 2901:17:44110
12Bryan PoolBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City Whs 2901:18:07109
13James HaddowBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City Whs 2901:18:53108
14Mark Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubM40Border City Whs 2901:18:56107
15Aidan HolgateNorth Lancs RCMSBorder City Whs 2901:19:10106
16Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City Whs 2901:20:53105
17David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Border City Whs 2901:22:53104
18Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Border City Whs 2901:23:37103
19Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City Whs 2901:23:41102
20Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Border City Whs 2901:23:52101
21Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City Whs 2901:23:53100
22Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Border City Whs 2901:24:0299
23Howard CainBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City Whs 2901:24:2898
24Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Border City Whs 2901:26:2697
25Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City Whs 2901:26:3296
26Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Border City Whs 2901:27:0195
27Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City Whs 2901:27:4694
28Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Border City Whs 2901:29:0293
29Samantha WilsonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City Whs 2901:29:3392
30Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Border City Whs 2901:30:1591
31Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City Whs 2901:31:1990
32Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW50Border City Whs 2901:36:0589
33Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSBorder City Whs 2901:41:2388
34Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Border City Whs 2901:46:3487
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSDerwentside 201701:44:46120
2Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSDerwentside 201701:48:31119
3Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Derwentside 201701:53:54118
4Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSDerwentside 201701:54:07117
5Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunDerwentside 201701:56:40116
6Graham YardleyCentral Lancs Road ClubMSDerwentside 201701:57:39115
7Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSDerwentside 201701:59:01114
8Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Derwentside 201702:00:44113
9Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Derwentside 201702:01:59112
10Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSDerwentside 201702:06:41111
11Jeremy ProdgerBeacon WheelersM50Derwentside 201702:11:57110
12Chris AnnableAllen Valley VeloM40Derwentside 201702:12:10109
13Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Derwentside 201702:15:54108
14Lucy SiddleAllen Valley VeloW40Derwentside 201702:17:59107
15Craig BellAllen Valley VeloMSDerwentside 201702:20:09106
16Peter McglynnAllen Valley VeloM40Derwentside 201702:21:22105
17Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSDerwentside 201702:21:29104
18Melanie AnnableAllen Valley VeloW40Derwentside 201702:28:30103
19Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW50Derwentside 201702:32:38102
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSKV Shap HC00:29:06120
2David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSKV Shap HC00:30:06119
3Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSKV Shap HC00:30:10118
4Alistair RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSKV Shap HC00:30:14117
5Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40KV Shap HC00:31:50116
6David TrotterLancaster CCMSKV Shap HC00:32:14115
7Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60KV Shap HC00:32:22114
8Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvKV Shap HC00:32:28113
9Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50KV Shap HC00:32:57112
10Leon BarnesLune Racing CCMSKV Shap HC00:33:01111
11Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMJunKV Shap HC00:33:28110
12Paul TargettPendle ForestM50KV Shap HC00:33:46109
13Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40KV Shap HC00:34:39108
14Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60KV Shap HC00:34:43107
15Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40KV Shap HC00:34:56106
16Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50KV Shap HC00:35:50105
17Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40KV Shap HC00:36:00104
18Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50KV Shap HC00:37:28103
19David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50KV Shap HC00:37:51102
20Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50KV Shap HC00:38:22101
21Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50KV Shap HC00:38:46100
22Martin WelshPendle ForestM50KV Shap HC00:38:5799
23Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70KV Shap HC00:39:4698
24Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Wheelers CCM40KV Shap HC00:40:3997
25Christopher ThomasRossendale Road ClubM40KV Shap HC00:41:2696
26Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSKV Shap HC00:41:4795
27Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40KV Shap HC00:41:5394
28Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50KV Shap HC00:42:0193
29Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40KV Shap HC00:42:1692
30Caroline LeightonLancashire RCW40KV Shap HC00:42:5491
31Kevin GibbonsBorder City Wheelers CCM50KV Shap HC00:43:5990
32Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSKV Shap HC00:47:2389
33Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40KV Shap HC00:50:2888
34Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40KV Shap HC00:52:5187
35Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70KV Shap HC01:04:5286
1David AllonbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSWigan Whs 3001:04:50120
2Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSWigan Whs 3001:05:08119
3Stephen IrwinNorth Lancs RCM40Wigan Whs 3001:07:04118
4Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50Wigan Whs 3001:07:57117
5Gethin ButlerPreston WheelersM40Wigan Whs 3001:09:28116
6David TurnerCleveleys RCM40Wigan Whs 3001:10:43115
7Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Wigan Whs 3001:11:16114
8Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Wigan Whs 3001:11:46113
9David TrotterLancaster CCMSWigan Whs 3001:11:55112
10Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Wigan Whs 3001:12:22111
11Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSWigan Whs 3001:13:36110
12Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Wigan Whs 3001:15:01109
13Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMJunWigan Whs 3001:15:12108
14Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Wigan Whs 3001:15:15107
15Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Wigan Whs 3001:15:23106
16Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSWigan Whs 3001:15:46105
17David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:16:09104
18Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:16:26103
19Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:17:26102
20Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Wigan Whs 3001:17:36101
21Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Wigan Whs 3001:17:47100
22Francis WoodcockBury ClarionMJuvWigan Whs 3001:18:0999
23Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Wigan Whs 3001:19:1298
24Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Wigan Whs 3001:19:1797
25Peter HaighNelson WheelersM60Wigan Whs 3001:19:3896
26Scott TaylorSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Wigan Whs 3001:19:5195
27Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Wigan Whs 3001:20:3394
28Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:20:4893
29Greg VallanceGlossop Kinder VeloM50Wigan Whs 3001:21:5692
30Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Wigan Whs 3001:22:0391
31Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Wigan Whs 3001:22:5190
32Sue CheethamNorth Lancs RCW50Wigan Whs 3001:23:2289
33David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Wigan Whs 3001:24:5088
34Christopher ThomasRossendale Road ClubM40Wigan Whs 3001:24:5587
35Deborah JohnLune Racing CCW50Wigan Whs 3001:26:3486
36Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSWigan Whs 3001:30:5885
37Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Wigan Whs 3001:34:1184
38Lisa GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubW40Wigan Whs 3001:36:0583
39Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Wigan Whs 3001:37:2282
40Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Wigan Whs 3001:50:4781
1Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTeesdale MTT01:52:39120
2Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSTeesdale MTT01:53:25119
3Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunTeesdale MTT01:53:45118
4Mark FlanneryTeam SwiftM40Teesdale MTT01:56:22117
5Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvTeesdale MTT01:57:30116
6Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale MTT02:02:10115
7Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSTeesdale MTT02:09:00114
8Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Teesdale MTT02:10:47113
9Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Teesdale MTT02:16:21112
10John LumsdonTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale MTT02:20:57111
11Daniel WardTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale MTT02:29:18110
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSBarrow Central 2100:45:53120
2Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSBarrow Central 2100:47:32119
3Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBarrow Central 2100:47:47118
4David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:47:57117
5Derek ParkinsonSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM40Barrow Central 2100:48:46116
6Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40Barrow Central 2100:50:10115
6Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:50:10115
8Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunBarrow Central 2100:50:20113
9Matt StellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSBarrow Central 2100:50:41112
10Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Barrow Central 2100:50:55111
11David TrotterLancaster CCMSBarrow Central 2100:51:18110
12Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Barrow Central 2100:51:27109
13Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Barrow Central 2100:51:42108
14Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBarrow Central 2100:51:55107
15Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:51:56106
16Ian RutherfordLune Racing CCMSBarrow Central 2100:52:23105
17Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Barrow Central 2100:52:34104
17Richard HelmBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:52:34104
19Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSBarrow Central 2100:52:39102
20Sean CassonBarrow Central WheelersM40Barrow Central 2100:53:19101
21John O'CallaghanBarrow Central WheelersM50Barrow Central 2100:53:26100
22Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Barrow Central 2100:54:0699
23Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Barrow Central 2100:54:1098
24Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Barrow Central 2100:54:2597
25Paul TargettPendle ForestM50Barrow Central 2100:54:2996
26Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Barrow Central 2100:54:4095
27Henry MossBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:54:5394
28Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Barrow Central 2100:55:0493
29Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Barrow Central 2100:55:4292
30Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Barrow Central 2100:56:0491
31James HodgsonBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:56:0590
32Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Barrow Central 2100:56:0789
33Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Barrow Central 2100:56:5288
34Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Barrow Central 2100:56:5387
35Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Barrow Central 2100:56:5886
36Stuart GarnettBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2100:58:2085
37Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Barrow Central 2100:58:2484
38Peter HaighNelson WheelersM60Barrow Central 2100:58:3683
39Graham CarrickBarrow Central WheelersM40Barrow Central 2100:59:1582
40Jack BillinghamBarrow Central WheelersMSBarrow Central 2101:00:0681
41Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSBarrow Central 2101:00:4780
42Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Barrow Central 2101:01:3579
43Rachel JeffVelo Club CumbriaWSBarrow Central 2101:04:4278
44Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Barrow Central 2101:10:2877
45Duncan ScottBarrow Central WheelersM50Barrow Central 2101:12:5376
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of WBF01:08:38120
2David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of WBF01:09:08119
3Alistair RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSCircuit Of WBF01:09:32118
4Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40Circuit Of WBF01:09:53117
5Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSCircuit Of WBF01:10:14116
6Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of WBF01:11:52115
7Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of WBF01:12:08114
8Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of WBF01:12:29113
9Mark BreartonWigan Wheelers CCM40Circuit Of WBF01:12:50112
10Richard GreenepSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of WBF01:12:51111
10Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvCircuit Of WBF01:12:51111
10Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40Circuit Of WBF01:12:51111
13Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Circuit Of WBF01:13:07108
14Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSCircuit Of WBF01:13:11107
15Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of WBF01:14:05106
16David TrotterLancaster CCMSCircuit Of WBF01:14:14105
17Adrian DalgleishLune Racing CCM40Circuit Of WBF01:14:21104
18Leon BarnesLune Racing CCMSCircuit Of WBF01:14:40103
19Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Circuit Of WBF01:14:45102
20Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of WBF01:15:01101
21Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Circuit Of WBF01:15:24100
22Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunCircuit Of WBF01:15:2799
23Ben HuddartLancashire RCMSCircuit Of WBF01:15:4298
24Mark TickleLeigh PremierMSCircuit Of WBF01:15:4997
25Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of WBF01:16:0796
26Jon LongworthBury ClarionM40Circuit Of WBF01:16:5295
27Harvey StrohSettle WheelersMJunCircuit Of WBF01:16:5494
28Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Circuit Of WBF01:17:2793
29John MurfinSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of WBF01:17:3992
30Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSCircuit Of WBF01:18:1891
31Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Circuit Of WBF01:18:5290
32Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Circuit Of WBF01:19:2589
33Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of WBF01:19:3588
34Jason McdonaldBury ClarionM40Circuit Of WBF01:20:2987
35Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSCircuit Of WBF01:20:3186
36Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Circuit Of WBF01:20:3385
37Damon AtkinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSCircuit Of WBF01:20:3684
38Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of WBF01:20:4483
39Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of WBF01:21:1782
40Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Circuit Of WBF01:21:2181
41David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of WBF01:21:3180
42Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Circuit Of WBF01:22:5079
43Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of WBF01:23:0278
44Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of WBF01:23:0477
45Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of WBF01:23:5476
46Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of WBF01:24:0275
47Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Circuit Of WBF01:24:2074
48Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of WBF01:25:2473
49John StirzakerBury ClarionM40Circuit Of WBF01:25:2972
50Helen JacksonKendal Cycling ClubWSCircuit Of WBF01:25:3071
51Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40Circuit Of WBF01:26:2670
52Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Circuit Of WBF01:26:2869
53Jack BillinghamBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of WBF01:28:3268
54Amanda HowardKendal Cycling ClubW50Circuit Of WBF01:30:0567
55David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Circuit Of WBF01:31:2266
56Paul BaillieGarstang Cycling ClubMSCircuit Of WBF01:32:0265
57Kevin HeskethRibble Valley CRCM60Circuit Of WBF01:32:1864
58David BatesonHorwich Cycling ClubM60Circuit Of WBF01:33:5563
59Deborah JohnLune Racing CCW50Circuit Of WBF01:34:1362
60Ken WoodwardBury ClarionM50Circuit Of WBF01:34:5461
61Dave JonesKendal Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of WBF01:37:1760
62Lisa GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubW40Circuit Of WBF01:45:5759
63Christine NelsonKendal Cycling ClubW40Circuit Of WBF01:46:5858
64Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSCircuit Of WBF02:05:4757
1Richard BideauPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:04:38120
2Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSCircuit Of Dales02:09:54119
3Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Dales02:10:07118
4Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvCircuit Of Dales02:12:38117
5Tim IrwinTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:13:03116
6Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Circuit Of Dales02:13:53115
7Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Dales02:14:25114
8Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:15:38113
9Patrick PennefatherBorder City Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of Dales02:16:46112
10Mark BreartonWigan Wheelers CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:17:21111
11Richard AndersonBorder City Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of Dales02:18:11110
12Chris WattsRibble Valley CRCMSCircuit Of Dales02:18:22109
13Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSCircuit Of Dales02:18:28108
14Ian RutherfordLune Racing CCMSCircuit Of Dales02:18:49107
15Ben HuddartLancashire RCMSCircuit Of Dales02:21:04106
16Andy PorterHorwich Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Dales02:22:24105
17Russell MarsdenPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:22:52104
18Adrian DalgleishLune Racing CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:23:38103
19Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:23:43102
20Paul NelsonRibble Valley CRCMSCircuit Of Dales02:24:30101
21Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Circuit Of Dales02:25:40100
22Paul BlackburnLeigh PremierMSCircuit Of Dales02:25:4599
23Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Circuit Of Dales02:26:1498
24David PrattPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:26:4397
25David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Circuit Of Dales02:26:4696
26Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Dales02:27:3495
27Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMJunCircuit Of Dales02:30:3094
28Jon LongworthBury ClarionM40Circuit Of Dales02:30:5593
29Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:31:2792
30Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Circuit Of Dales02:31:5591
31Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Dales02:33:0290
32Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:33:2189
33Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of Dales02:34:0988
34Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Dales02:34:3487
35Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Circuit Of Dales02:36:4486
36Mark SticklandSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:36:5785
37John MurfinSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:37:0284
38David DeakinsLune Racing CCM60Circuit Of Dales02:37:2983
39Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60Circuit Of Dales02:37:5382
40Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Dales02:38:0281
41Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:39:3680
42David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of Dales02:40:2979
43Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSCircuit Of Dales02:45:0178
44Amanda HowardKendal Cycling ClubW50Circuit Of Dales02:47:3577
45Martin RalphPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:48:5376
46Jack BillinghamBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Dales02:56:1475
47Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Circuit Of Dales02:56:3474
48Kris PottsNelson WheelersMSCircuit Of Dales03:06:4473
49Kath FinnKendal Cycling ClubW50Circuit Of Dales03:10:5072
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBCW 200:47:41120
2Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40BCW 200:48:32119
3David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 200:49:10118
4Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSBCW 200:49:24117
5Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunBCW 200:49:41116
6Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50BCW 200:50:24115
7Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40BCW 200:50:30114
8Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSBCW 200:50:38113
9Emil PetrovBorder City Wheelers CCMSBCW 200:51:10112
9Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50BCW 200:51:10112
11Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBCW 200:51:42110
12David TrotterLancaster CCMSBCW 200:51:47109
13Adrian DalgleishLune Racing CCM40BCW 200:52:32108
14James HaddowBorder City Wheelers CCMSBCW 200:52:37107
15Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBCW 200:53:56106
16Chris AndersonLakes RCM50BCW 200:54:05105
17Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSBCW 200:54:06104
18Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60BCW 200:54:13103
19Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40BCW 200:54:15102
20Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50BCW 200:54:34101
21Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40BCW 200:54:42100
22Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40BCW 200:54:4599
23Adrian SowerbyBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 200:55:0698
24Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60BCW 200:55:0897
25Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50BCW 200:55:1696
25Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40BCW 200:55:1696
27Jon LongworthBury ClarionM40BCW 200:55:3694
28David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50BCW 200:55:4593
29Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50BCW 200:56:4692
30Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70BCW 200:57:4491
31Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50BCW 200:58:2590
32Helen JacksonKendal Cycling ClubWSBCW 200:58:5289
33Peter HaighNelson WheelersM60BCW 200:59:4988
34David MossKendal Cycling ClubM40BCW 200:59:5287
34Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40BCW 200:59:5287
36John BellBorder City Wheelers CCM40BCW 200:59:5785
37Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50BCW 201:00:1884
38Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 201:01:0883
39Keith BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 201:01:1282
40Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40BCW 201:01:5481
41Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60BCW 201:02:1880
42Paddy FinnKendal Cycling ClubM60BCW 201:04:2679
43Deborah JohnLune Racing CCW50BCW 201:04:5278
44Kath FinnKendal Cycling ClubW50BCW 201:07:3377
45Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60BCW 201:12:1976
46Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70BCW 201:24:1875
1David AllonbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSLancaster00:51:24120
2Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSLancaster00:53:47119
3David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSLancaster00:54:38118
4Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Lancaster00:54:54117
5George WhartonKent Valley RCMJunLancaster00:55:14116
6Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSLancaster00:55:27115
6Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50Lancaster00:55:27115
8Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSLancaster00:55:41113
9Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Lancaster00:55:44112
10Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40Lancaster00:55:47111
11Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSLancaster00:56:29110
12Aidan HolgateNorth Lancs RCMSLancaster00:56:47109
13Leon BarnesLune Racing CCMSLancaster00:57:07108
14Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSLancaster00:57:25107
14Richard AndersonBorder City Wheelers CCMSLancaster00:57:25107
16Patrick PennefatherBorder City Wheelers CCMSLancaster00:57:34105
17Adrian DalgleishLune Racing CCM40Lancaster00:57:50104
18Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSLancaster00:59:05103
19Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Lancaster00:59:07102
20Paul BlackburnLeigh PremierMSLancaster00:59:58101
21Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Lancaster01:00:11100
22Damon AtkinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSLancaster01:01:0199
23Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSLancaster01:01:0798
24William SissonKendal Cycling ClubMSLancaster01:01:1697
25Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Lancaster01:01:3696
26David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Lancaster01:01:5095
27Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50Lancaster01:01:5594
28Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Lancaster01:02:3293
29David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Lancaster01:02:4992
30Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Lancaster01:04:1591
31Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Lancaster01:04:2990
32Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Lancaster01:04:3189
33Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Lancaster01:04:5488
34Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Lancaster01:05:5087
35Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70Lancaster01:06:2386
36Helen JacksonKendal Cycling ClubWSLancaster01:06:5385
37Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Lancaster01:07:2984
38Peter HaighNelson WheelersM60Lancaster01:07:3383
39Deborah JohnLune Racing CCW50Lancaster01:07:4282
40Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Lancaster01:07:4381
41Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Lancaster01:08:5580
42Rachel JeffVelo Club CumbriaWSLancaster01:10:4179
43Paul BaillieGarstang Cycling ClubMSLancaster01:10:4478
44Paul VousdenKendal Cycling ClubMSLancaster01:12:2577
45Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSLancaster01:13:1476
46Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Lancaster01:13:2075
47Lauren BrookGarstang Cycling ClubWJunLancaster01:17:4674
48Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Lancaster01:21:1373
49Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Lancaster01:33:1772
1David AllonbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSWest Pennine00:34:53120
2Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSWest Pennine00:35:20119
3Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunWest Pennine00:36:10118
4Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50West Pennine00:36:43117
5Graham YardleyCentral Lancs Road ClubMSWest Pennine00:36:57116
6Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSWest Pennine00:37:35115
7Fraser SnapeNorth Lancs RCM40West Pennine00:38:20114
8Nigel ClementsonWigan Wheelers CCM50West Pennine00:38:36113
9Chris WattsRibble Valley CRCMSWest Pennine00:38:42112
9Paul NelsonRibble Valley CRCMSWest Pennine00:38:42112
11Nicholas PillingPendle ForestMSWest Pennine00:38:50110
12Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSWest Pennine00:38:59109
13Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40West Pennine00:39:15108
14Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40West Pennine00:39:36107
15Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60West Pennine00:39:54106
16Jimmy WrightPreston WheelersM40West Pennine00:39:57105
17David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70West Pennine00:40:22104
18Jason McdonaldBury ClarionM40West Pennine00:40:31103
19Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50West Pennine00:41:57102
20John HuggonRibble Valley CRCM50West Pennine00:42:04101
21Will KerryLancashire RCMJunWest Pennine00:42:13100
22Roy NieldLancashire RCM40West Pennine00:42:2699
23Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50West Pennine00:42:2998
24Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine00:42:5497
25Russell MilnesRossendale Road ClubM40West Pennine00:42:5996
26Hope KerryLancashire RCWSWest Pennine00:43:1895
27Phil BarnesTeam SwiftM60West Pennine00:43:5794
28John StirzakerBury ClarionM40West Pennine00:44:2093
29Robert MatthewsNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine00:45:1992
30Graham SheardNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine00:45:3391
31Frank NightingaleRibble Valley CRCM50West Pennine00:45:4190
32David BatesonHorwich Cycling ClubM60West Pennine00:45:4489
33Rachel JeffVelo Club CumbriaWSWest Pennine00:46:1388
34Phillip WarnerNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine00:46:2787
35Ken WoodwardBury ClarionM50West Pennine00:46:4186
36Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSWest Pennine00:48:5185
37Sean GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubMSWest Pennine00:51:0284
38Harry HaseleyNorth Lancs RCM70West Pennine00:51:4083
39Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60West Pennine00:52:1782
40Lisa GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubW40West Pennine00:52:2781
41Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70West Pennine01:00:3280
42Andrew NeweyRibble Valley CRCMSWest Pennine01:04:1979
43James LawleyBarrow Central WheelersM70West Pennine01:07:2878
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:02:55120
2Richard BideauPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:03:02119
3Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:04:54118
4Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:06:38117
5Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:07:42116
6Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:08:03115
7Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:08:06114
8Mark BreartonWigan Wheelers CCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:08:43113
9Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMJunCircuit Of Ingleborough01:08:45112
10Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:09:04111
11Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:09:44110
12Richard HelmBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:09:57109
13Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:10:29108
14Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvCircuit Of Ingleborough01:10:32107
15Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:10:36106
16Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:10:48105
17Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:11:18104
18Paul NelsonRibble Valley CRCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:11:29103
19Richard GreenepSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:11:53102
20Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:12:01101
21Chris WattsRibble Valley CRCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:12:14100
22David TabronHorwich Cycling ClubMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:12:3399
23Kenneth BrownVelo Club CumbriaMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:13:0198
24Nigel ClementsonWigan Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:13:1097
25Russell MarsdenPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:13:2096
26Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:13:5195
27James HaddowBorder City Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:13:5694
28John MurfinSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:14:0593
29Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:14:2192
30Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:14:2691
31Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:14:3390
32Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:14:4389
33David PrattPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:14:5688
34David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:0087
35Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMJunCircuit Of Ingleborough01:15:0686
36Jon LongworthBury ClarionM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:1485
37John BrannonBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:3284
38Jason McdonaldBury ClarionM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:5083
39Gary MurfinSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:16:0882
40Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:16:1881
41Harvey StrohSettle WheelersMJunCircuit Of Ingleborough01:16:4180
42David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:2079
43Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:2878
43Mark SticklandSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:2878
45Andy HornerBury ClarionM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:2976
45Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:2976
47Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:5774
48Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:18:1073
49Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:18:2472
50Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:19:0871
51Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:19:3570
52Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:19:4369
53Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:19:5068
54Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:20:1467
55Dan RobinsonManchester WheelersMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:21:1866
56Martin RalphPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:2065
57Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:2764
58Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:23:1063
59Simon DowsonSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:23:4362
60David DeakinsLune Racing CCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:24:3561
61Frank NightingaleRibble Valley CRCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:1160
62Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:1759
63David BatesonHorwich Cycling ClubM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:3058
64Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:5257
65Holly CarterManchester WheelersWSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:26:1856
66Paddy FinnKendal Cycling ClubM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:27:4855
67Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:28:3754
68Diane StretchBarrow Central WheelersWSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:29:2753
69Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:33:0052
70Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:35:0351
71Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:47:0750
1Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50Circuit Of Pendle01:07:00120
2Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:07:12119
3Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:07:17118
4Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Circuit Of Pendle01:07:24117
5Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSCircuit Of Pendle01:07:42116
6Graham YardleyCentral Lancs Road ClubMSCircuit Of Pendle01:07:53115
7Mark BreartonWigan Wheelers CCM40Circuit Of Pendle01:09:00114
8Ben HuddartLancashire RCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:11:00113
9Chris WattsRibble Valley CRCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:12:08112
10Mark Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:12:24111
11Gary MurfinSettle WheelersM40Circuit Of Pendle01:14:09110
12David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Circuit Of Pendle01:15:05109
13Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Pendle01:15:30108
14Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Pendle01:16:19107
15Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Circuit Of Pendle01:17:32106
16David PrattPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Pendle01:18:02105
17David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of Pendle01:19:36104
18Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Pendle01:20:19103
19Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Pendle01:20:39102
20Peter HerbertNorth Lancs RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:21:01101
21Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60Circuit Of Pendle01:23:23100
22Gary SedgwickNorth Lancs RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:24:1199
23David BatesonHorwich Cycling ClubM60Circuit Of Pendle01:24:2998
24Russell AndertonNorth Lancs RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:24:4897
25David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Circuit Of Pendle01:26:5496
26Jack BillinghamBarrow Central WheelersMSCircuit Of Pendle01:29:0895
27Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:31:0394
28Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Circuit Of Pendle01:37:1993
1Mark NultyGlossop Kinder VeloMSBCW 25 100:58:07120
2Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50BCW 25 100:58:08119
3Ian SibbertGarstang Cycling ClubM40BCW 25 100:58:32118
4Nick JonesVelo Club CumbriaM40BCW 25 100:59:21117
5Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 25 100:59:23116
6Patrick PennefatherBorder City Wheelers CCMSBCW 25 101:00:37115
7Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBCW 25 101:01:26114
8Nick BadcockAllen Valley VeloMSBCW 25 101:02:00113
9Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBCW 25 101:02:09112
10James HaddowBorder City Wheelers CCMSBCW 25 101:02:33111
11Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50BCW 25 101:02:43110
12Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50BCW 25 101:02:52109
13Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60BCW 25 101:03:17108
14Richard ShieldVelo Club CumbriaMSBCW 25 101:03:32107
15Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 25 101:04:17106
16Damon AtkinsonVelo Club CumbriaMSBCW 25 101:04:57105
17Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM70BCW 25 101:06:17104
18Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50BCW 25 101:07:00103
19John BellBorder City Wheelers CCM40BCW 25 101:07:27102
20Helen JacksonKendal Cycling ClubWSBCW 25 101:09:09101
21Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 25 101:09:26100
22Amanda HowardKendal Cycling ClubW50BCW 25 101:09:5099
23Samantha WilsonBeacon WheelersMSBCW 25 101:11:0598
24Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40BCW 25 101:11:4997
25David GibsonBorder City Wheelers CCM50BCW 25 101:12:1196
26David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60BCW 25 101:12:5595
27Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60BCW 25 101:21:3794
1Tom RigbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSRossendale 11 100:25:13120
2Paul David FlemingPreston WheelersM50Rossendale 11 100:26:39119
3David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSRossendale 11 100:26:46118
4Aidan HolgateNorth Lancs RCMSRossendale 11 100:27:02117
4George WhartonKent Valley RCMJunRossendale 11 100:27:02117
6Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSRossendale 11 100:27:06115
7Sam AndertonNorth Lancs RCMSRossendale 11 100:27:14114
8Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSRossendale 11 100:27:39113
9John EdmondsonManchester WheelersMSRossendale 11 100:27:41112
10Derek ParkinsonSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM40Rossendale 11 100:27:48111
11Ben HuddartLancashire RCMSRossendale 11 100:27:49110
12Phil ShawKent Valley RCM40Rossendale 11 100:28:50109
13Mark Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubM40Rossendale 11 100:28:57108
14Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM60Rossendale 11 100:29:00107
15Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvRossendale 11 100:29:02106
16Chris LoxleyNorth Lancs RCM40Rossendale 11 100:29:08105
17Martyn UttleyBarrow Central WheelersM50Rossendale 11 100:29:39104
18Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Rossendale 11 100:29:43103
19Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Rossendale 11 100:29:51102
20Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Rossendale 11 100:29:53101
21Liam LeverRossendale Road ClubMSRossendale 11 100:30:01100
22Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Rossendale 11 100:30:0299
23Jason McdonaldBury ClarionM40Rossendale 11 100:30:0898
24Aidan LawrenceSport City VeloMJuvRossendale 11 100:30:3197
25Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Rossendale 11 100:30:4796
26Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Rossendale 11 100:30:5595
27Andrew DentPendle ForestM50Rossendale 11 100:30:5794
28Graham TaitBury ClarionM40Rossendale 11 100:31:1093
29Molly Horsley FrostBuxton Cycling ClubW40Rossendale 11 100:31:4892
30Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Rossendale 11 100:31:5091
31Hope KerryLancashire RCWSRossendale 11 100:31:5390
32Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM50Rossendale 11 100:32:0089
32Stephen I'AnsonBuxton Cycling ClubM60Rossendale 11 100:32:0089
34Joshua KeersSport City VeloMJuvRossendale 11 100:32:0387
35Paul TargettPendle ForestM50Rossendale 11 100:32:0786
36David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM70Rossendale 11 100:32:3985
37Amanda HowardKendal Cycling ClubW50Rossendale 11 100:32:4684
38Nicholas DinsdaleClitheroe Bike ClubM60Rossendale 11 100:33:1583
39David BatesonHorwich Cycling ClubM60Rossendale 11 100:33:3482
40Martin RalphPendle ForestM40Rossendale 11 100:33:4781
41Nick HigginsonCleveleys RCMSRossendale 11 100:34:5080
42Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Rossendale 11 100:36:3679
43Bill SmithSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM60Rossendale 11 100:37:0178
44Lisa GreenwoodRossendale Road ClubW40Rossendale 11 100:37:0577
45Kath FinnKendal Cycling ClubW50Rossendale 11 100:37:1376
46Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Rossendale 11 100:39:2075
47Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70Rossendale 11 100:44:0074
48James LawleyBarrow Central WheelersM70Rossendale 11 100:48:0373