Lakes and Lancs SpoCo Affiliated Clubs Only 2014

    Name     Club       Event    Category

PositionNameClubCatEventEvent TimePoints
1Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSRossendale 11 (2)00:25:18120
2Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSRossendale 11 (2)00:25:37119
3Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:25:38118
4Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Rossendale 11 (2)00:25:43117
5Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:26:28116
6Nicholas CooperRossendale Road ClubMJRossendale 11 (2)00:26:54115
7Damian LudlowRossendale Road ClubM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:27:12114
8Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:27:33113
9William BelcherClayton VeloM50Rossendale 11 (2)00:27:38112
10Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Rossendale 11 (2)00:27:55111
11Ian DuckworthNelson WheelersM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:28:20110
12Neil WoodLancashire RCM50Rossendale 11 (2)00:28:46109
13Steve WilkinsonNelson WheelersM50Rossendale 11 (2)00:28:54108
13Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:28:54108
15Dave HuntRossendale Road ClubM50Rossendale 11 (2)00:29:13106
16Simon MyerscoughRibble Valley CRCM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:29:23105
17Michael TaylorRossendale Road ClubM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:29:45104
18Tony ShawNelson WheelersM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:29:55103
19Craig WilsonNelson WheelersM40Rossendale 11 (2)00:30:50102
20Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Rossendale 11 (2)00:31:05101
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:52:57120
2Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:54:53119
3Chris AndersonLakes RCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:55:57118
4John EdmondsonManchester WheelersMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:56:15117
5Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:56:18116
6John O’CallaghanBarrow Central WheelersM40BorderCity 22 (2)00:56:31115
7Russell RichardsonTeesdale CRCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:56:47114
8Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40BorderCity 22 (2)00:57:10113
9Keith MelvinBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:57:38112
10Graham PutnamBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:57:55111
11Bob MurdochTeesdale CRCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:58:24110
12Graham HarcourtPreston WheelersM40BorderCity 22 (2)00:58:42109
13Nick HamiltonTeesdale CRCMJBorderCity 22 (2)00:59:25108
14Andy CosgroveTeesdale CRCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:59:41107
15Mark HarrisBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:59:47106
16David MilliganBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)00:59:48105
17Mike HaughBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)00:59:53104
18Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:00:02103
19Steven BoydBorder City Wheelers CCM40BorderCity 22 (2)01:00:46102
20Hugh GreenBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorderCity 22 (2)01:01:15101
21Alun BrownBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)01:01:21100
22Graham CarrickLakes RCMSBorderCity 22 (2)01:01:2499
23Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60BorderCity 22 (2)01:01:2998
24Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40BorderCity 22 (2)01:02:0397
25Andy ShaddockBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:02:1096
26Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:02:1595
27Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:02:2694
28Dave CherryBorder City Wheelers CCM60BorderCity 22 (2)01:02:3393
29Philip HindBorder City Wheelers CCM40BorderCity 22 (2)01:03:4392
30Howard CainBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)01:05:4991
31Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:05:5690
32Ria LowrieBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorderCity 22 (2)01:06:5089
33Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40BorderCity 22 (2)01:07:4188
34Kevin GibbonsBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:09:3187
35Chris RalphBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity 22 (2)01:09:3886
36Louise HamiltonTeesdale CRCWSBorderCity 22 (2)01:12:3885
37Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70BorderCity 22 (2)01:20:4184
38David TinkerClayton VeloM50BorderCity 22 (2)01:23:3683
1Ian CoxNorth Lancs RCM40BorderCity5001:50:29120
2David TurnerCleveleys RCM40BorderCity5001:52:02119
3Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity5001:52:21118
4Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60BorderCity5001:53:38117
5Brian FogertyNorth Lancs RCMSBorderCity5001:53:39116
6Paul FlemingPreston WheelersM40BorderCity5001:53:58115
7Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity5001:54:34114
8Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40BorderCity5001:56:10113
9Michael BlackCleveleys RCM60BorderCity5001:58:55112
10Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSBorderCity5001:59:05111
11Mark TickleLeigh PremierMSBorderCity5001:59:47110
12Paul RussellCleveleys RCM40BorderCity5001:59:57109
13Julian CookVelo Club CumbriaM40BorderCity5002:00:08108
14Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40BorderCity5002:00:29107
15Mark WellsVelo Club CumbriaM50BorderCity5002:00:36106
16Eddie MarshallSouthport CCM50BorderCity5002:01:07105
17Peter WalkerLeigh PremierMSBorderCity5002:01:10104
18Geoff AyersVelo Club CumbriaM50BorderCity5002:01:27103
19Graham PutnamBorder City Wheelers CCM50BorderCity5002:01:47102
20George NowlandRibble Valley CRCM60BorderCity5002:02:23101
21John MasonVelo Club CumbriaM40BorderCity5002:02:43100
22Ken BrownVelo Club CumbriaM50BorderCity5002:02:4899
23Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSBorderCity5002:02:5298
24Scott LeveringtonChorley Cycling ClubM40BorderCity5002:02:5497
25John PayneLeigh PremierM40BorderCity5002:03:1096
26Mark HarrisBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity5002:03:4895
27Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40BorderCity5002:04:2294
28Tony LoweLancashire RCM40BorderCity5002:04:5993
29Graham SimmonsBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorderCity5002:06:1292
30Tim BennettKent Valley RCM40BorderCity5002:07:4091
31Neil WoodLancashire RCM50BorderCity5002:07:5890
32Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60BorderCity5002:08:1489
33Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50BorderCity5002:10:0088
34Theresa TaylorPreston CCW50BorderCity5002:13:0387
35Simon MyerscoughRibble Valley CRCM40BorderCity5002:13:4386
36Dave HuntRossendale Road ClubM50BorderCity5002:15:5885
37Sue CheethamNorth Lancs RCW40BorderCity5002:16:3384
38Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40BorderCity5002:17:4683
39Robert CrankChorley Cycling ClubM40BorderCity5002:18:3682
40Ria LowrieBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorderCity5002:18:5081
41Rod GoodfellowNorth Lancs RCM70BorderCity5002:19:2680
42Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60BorderCity5002:21:3779
43Harry HaseleyNorth Lancs RCM70BorderCity5002:21:3878
44Michael CoxNorth Lancs RCM60BorderCity5002:23:4377
45Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50BorderCity5002:30:1176
1Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSBlackburn 1100:26:14120
2Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSBlackburn 1100:26:44119
3Fraser SnapeNorth Lancs RCM40Blackburn 1100:26:59118
4Mark TickleLeigh PremierMSBlackburn 1100:27:08117
5Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Blackburn 1100:27:59116
6Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Blackburn 1100:28:16115
7Tony CurtisClitheroe Bike ClubM50Blackburn 1100:28:54114
8Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSBlackburn 1100:28:59113
9John PayneLeigh PremierM40Blackburn 1100:29:13112
10David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM60Blackburn 1100:29:20111
11Paul TaylorNorth Lancs RCM40Blackburn 1100:29:25110
11Rebecca RimmingtonTrainsharp Racing TeamWSBlackburn 1100:29:25110
13Tony StottBlackburn CTCM50Blackburn 1100:29:27108
13Richard SagarNorth Lancs RCMSBlackburn 1100:29:27108
15Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Blackburn 1100:29:31106
16Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Blackburn 1100:29:37105
17Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Blackburn 1100:29:59104
18Jimmy WrightPreston WheelersMSBlackburn 1100:30:25103
19William BelcherClayton VeloM50Blackburn 1100:30:56102
20Richard SharplesClitheroe Bike ClubMSBlackburn 1100:31:01101
21Simon MyerscoughRibble Valley CRCM40Blackburn 1100:31:33100
22Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Blackburn 1100:31:3899
23John McgoldrickClitheroe Bike ClubM40Blackburn 1100:32:0298
24Steve WilkinsonNelson WheelersM50Blackburn 1100:32:3097
25Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Blackburn 1100:32:3596
26Simon DigginsNorth Lancs RCM40Blackburn 1100:33:4195
27Duncan AlltonNorth Lancs RCM50Blackburn 1100:34:4594
28Michael CoxNorth Lancs RCM60Blackburn 1100:36:1593
28Harry HaseleyNorth Lancs RCM70Blackburn 1100:36:1593
30Alice CapstickNorth Lancs RCWJBlackburn 1100:37:5191
31David TinkerClayton VeloM50Blackburn 1100:38:1590
32Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Blackburn 1100:40:2089
1Ross GrayAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:07:10120
2Giles DumontIlkley Cycling ClubM40Allen Valley 2401:07:48119
3William BelcherClayton VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:10:04118
4Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Allen Valley 2401:10:45117
5Justin JeffriesAllen Valley VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:11:33116
6Ben ElliottAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:11:54115
7Darryl ManningAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:12:49114
8Brendon JacksonAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:12:54113
9Ivan NewtonAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:13:59112
9David McmanusAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:13:59112
11Chris RobertsAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:15:07110
12Mathew RobinsonAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:16:41109
13Brian GairAllen Valley VeloM60Allen Valley 2401:16:49108
14Matthew HuggettAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:17:43107
15Peter McglynnAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:17:45106
16Craig BellAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:17:50105
17Robert ScandleAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:17:52104
18Paul PickettAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:17:59103
19Daniel AlpinAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:19:25102
20David CowgillAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:19:58101
21Jona AalAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:20:06100
22Claire JacksonAllen Valley VeloW40Allen Valley 2401:22:3599
23Lindsay RawlingAllen Valley VeloWSAllen Valley 2401:22:4298
24Andy BestAllen Valley VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:23:3697
25Gareth EdwardsAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:25:2496
26Marshall NattrassAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:25:5895
27Neil HarrisonAllen Valley VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:26:0794
28Emma AlpinAllen Valley VeloW40Allen Valley 2401:26:5193
29Marianne PugheAllen Valley VeloW40Allen Valley 2401:27:1492
30Michael SandersonAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:27:3791
31Paul MorrisonAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:27:4590
32Ian GlendinningAllen Valley VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:30:2389
33George SchleyAllen Valley VeloMSAllen Valley 2401:31:1688
34Neil VeitchAllen Valley VeloM60Allen Valley 2401:31:3487
35Andy HawAllen Valley VeloM50Allen Valley 2401:31:4186
36Leanne HayterAllen Valley VeloWSAllen Valley 2401:33:1785
37Christopher WellsAllen Valley VeloM40Allen Valley 2401:42:4184
38Francesca HarrisonAllen Valley VeloWJAllen Valley 2401:47:4583
39Sophie HayterAllen Valley VeloWJAllen Valley 2402:09:1182
1Alex FosterBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 2500:57:10120
2Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2500:57:26119
3Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40Border City 2500:58:55118
4Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2500:59:27117
5Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Border City 2500:59:44116
6Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Border City 2501:00:35115
7Keith MelvinBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2501:01:36114
8Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Border City 2501:02:03113
9David MilliganBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2501:03:07112
10Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Border City 2501:03:12111
11Mark HarrisBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2501:03:28110
12Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Border City 2501:03:54109
13Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Border City 2501:03:55108
14Ben DowmanBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 2501:04:03107
15Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSBorder City 2501:04:23106
16Richard ColebyBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 2501:04:46105
17Jon LongworthBury ClarionM40Border City 2501:05:06104
18Steven BoydBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2501:05:11103
19Stewart MounseyKent Valley RCM40Border City 2501:05:16102
20Paul KingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2501:06:06101
21Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2501:06:10100
22Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Border City 2501:06:1499
23Graham CarrickLakes RCMSBorder City 2501:06:1698
24Shaun JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City 2501:06:2297
25Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2501:06:5296
26Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2501:07:0495
27Dave HuntRossendale Road ClubM50Border City 2501:07:2994
28Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Border City 2501:07:4393
29Steve WilkinsonNelson WheelersM50Border City 2501:07:5592
30Philip HindBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2501:08:2691
31Hugh GreenBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 2501:08:5790
32Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2501:10:4689
33Graham TyeBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2501:10:5988
34Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Border City 2501:11:0987
35Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Border City 2501:11:1886
36Chris RalphBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2501:13:0485
37Ali WilsonBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorder City 2501:14:3484
38David GrahamBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2501:21:0483
39David TinkerClayton VeloM50Border City 2501:24:1682
1Mark TickleLeigh PremierMSOldham Century 1800:51:48120
2Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSOldham Century 1800:53:09119
3Stuart GreenOldham Century Road ClubM40Oldham Century 1800:53:42118
4Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40Oldham Century 1800:54:05117
5Philip KnupferManchester WheelersMSOldham Century 1800:55:23116
6Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Oldham Century 1800:57:26115
7Ian KenworthyOldham Century Road ClubMSOldham Century 1800:57:56114
8Ben WhiteheadWest Pennine Road ClubM40Oldham Century 1800:59:38113
9Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Oldham Century 1801:07:03112
10Sian LambertManchester WheelersWSOldham Century 1801:14:49111
1Blaine MetcalfTeam SwiftMSTyneside 4702:04:30120
2Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Tyneside 4702:10:25119
3Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Tyneside 4702:14:52118
4Christian HendersonAllen Valley VeloM40Tyneside 4702:17:11117
5Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Tyneside 4702:18:15116
6Bob MurdochTeesdale CRCM50Tyneside 4702:19:00115
7William BelcherClayton VeloM50Tyneside 4702:21:07114
8David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Tyneside 4702:45:11113
1Alex FosterBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 22 (1)00:53:02120
2Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)00:53:49119
3Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Border City 22 (1)00:56:28118
4Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Border City 22 (1)00:56:52117
5Keith MelvinBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)00:58:32116
6Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Border City 22 (1)00:59:23115
7Mark HarrisBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)00:59:45114
8Graham SimmonsBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)00:59:50113
9Graeme CurrieBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 22 (1)01:01:10112
10Steven BoydBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 22 (1)01:01:14111
11Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Border City 22 (1)01:02:14110
12Paul KingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 22 (1)01:02:23109
13Hugh GreenBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 22 (1)01:03:24108
14Alun BrownBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)01:04:03107
15Philip HindBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 22 (1)01:04:06106
16Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 22 (1)01:04:19105
17Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Border City 22 (1)01:04:50104
18Colin JaggardBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 22 (1)01:05:35103
19Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 22 (1)01:05:57102
20Graham TyeBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 22 (1)01:08:08101
21Carol WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCW40Border City 22 (1)01:08:30100
22Chris RalphBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)01:10:1799
23Ali WilsonBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorder City 22 (1)01:12:4798
24Anne TyeBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorder City 22 (1)01:17:5097
25David GrahamBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 22 (1)01:20:2996
26Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Border City 22 (1)01:23:1995
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSKent Valley HC00:18:49120
2Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSKent Valley HC00:18:59119
3Paul Valley HC00:19:03118
4Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Kent Valley HC00:19:08117
5Paul FlemingPreston WheelersM40Kent Valley HC00:19:57116
6Thomas GibsonKent Valley RCMSKent Valley HC00:20:04115
7David WilkinsonKent Valley RCM50Kent Valley HC00:20:20114
8Peter ThomasKent Valley RCMSKent Valley HC00:20:25113
9Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40Kent Valley HC00:20:28112
10Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Kent Valley HC00:20:41111
11David TrotterLancaster CCMSKent Valley HC00:20:44110
12David RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaM50Kent Valley HC00:20:53109
13Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Kent Valley HC00:20:56108
14Philip BradshawWigan Wheelers CCM40Kent Valley HC00:21:22107
15William BelcherClayton VeloM50Kent Valley HC00:21:27106
16Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Kent Valley HC00:21:45105
17Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Kent Valley HC00:21:46104
18Simon JonesBeacon WheelersMSKent Valley HC00:22:00103
19Stewart MounseyKent Valley RCM40Kent Valley HC00:22:02102
20Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Kent Valley HC00:22:21101
21Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Kent Valley HC00:22:42100
22Tim BennettKent Valley RCM40Kent Valley HC00:23:1199
23Neil WoodLancashire RCM50Kent Valley HC00:23:3898
24Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Kent Valley HC00:27:1497
25Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Kent Valley HC00:29:5096
26David TinkerClayton VeloM50Kent Valley HC00:30:3095
1Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Derwentside 4001:58:59120
2Christian HendersonAllen Valley VeloM40Derwentside 4002:02:59119
3Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Derwentside 4002:03:39118
4Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Derwentside 4002:07:32117
5William BelcherClayton VeloM50Derwentside 4002:11:52116
6Kev ShandWest Pennine Road ClubM60Derwentside 4002:21:24115
1Paul FlemingPreston WheelersM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:07:48120
2Jerry CrossManchester WheelersM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:08:31119
3Paul Wheelers 3001:09:45118
4Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:09:50117
5Matt StellRibble Valley CRCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:10:15116
6Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:10:42115
7Gordon Wheelers 3001:10:51114
8Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:11:04113
9Phil Wheelers 3001:11:07112
10Tony DarbyshireWigan Wheelers CCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:11:40111
11Nathan TurnbullLeigh PremierMSWigan Wheelers 3001:11:44110
12Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:12:05109
13Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:12:49108
14Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:13:33107
15Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:13:40106
15Simon PhillipsPendle ForestM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:13:40106
17Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:14:15104
18Peter LeonardSouthport CCM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:14:21103
19Paul RussellCleveleys RCM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:14:40102
20Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:15:01101
21Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:15:18100
22Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:15:2699
23Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:15:2798
24David HowarthNorth Lancs RCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:16:1797
25Graham PitcherBarrow Central WheelersM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:16:4596
26Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:17:0595
27Shaun JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersMSWigan Wheelers 3001:18:1894
28Steve WilkinsonNelson WheelersM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:18:2593
29Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:18:2792
30Barry RimmerWigan Wheelers CCM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:19:0091
31Geoff DutesonPreston WheelersM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:19:5890
32Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:20:0289
33Peter DarbyshireWigan Wheelers CCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:20:2988
34Theresa TaylorPreston CCW50Wigan Wheelers 3001:21:0787
35Denis ThompsonWest Pennine Road ClubM60Wigan Wheelers 3001:21:5186
36Christopher ThomasRossendale Road ClubM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:22:0485
37Andrew RussellRossendale Road ClubMSWigan Wheelers 3001:22:2384
38Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:25:0483
39Patrick FairhurstWigan Wheelers CCMJWigan Wheelers 3001:25:1482
40Craig HowarthRossendale Road ClubM40Wigan Wheelers 3001:25:4681
41Sue CheetamNorth Lancs RCW50Wigan Wheelers 3001:26:0280
42Tony JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:28:0379
43Michael ShawWigan Wheelers CCMSWigan Wheelers 3001:32:2878
44David TinkerClayton VeloM50Wigan Wheelers 3001:48:4477
45John DraperNorth Lancs RCM70Wigan Wheelers 3001:53:0876
1Blaine MetcalfTeam SwiftMSTeesdale 4001:55:54120
2Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Teesdale 4002:05:44119
3Joe BrownTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale 4002:05:46118
4Nick HamiltonTeesdale CRCMJTeesdale 4002:06:11117
5Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Teesdale 4002:07:38116
6Christian HendersonAllen Valley VeloM40Teesdale 4002:09:43115
7Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Teesdale 4002:09:55114
8William BelcherClayton VeloM50Teesdale 4002:12:39113
9Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Teesdale 4002:14:41112
10Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Teesdale 4002:15:11111
11Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale 4002:19:08110
12Ben BrownTeesdale CRCMJTeesdale 4002:23:11109
13Phill CollingsTeesdale CRCM40Teesdale 4002:27:07108
14Stephen BoydTeesdale CRCM40Teesdale 4002:36:07107
15Paul StablesTeesdale CRCMSTeesdale 4002:39:47106
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSLancaster 2100:52:07120
2Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Lancaster 2100:52:54119
3Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSLancaster 2100:54:08118
4Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Lancaster 2100:54:26117
5Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Lancaster 2100:54:28116
6David RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaM50Lancaster 2100:54:45115
7Ian StottBlackburn CTCMSLancaster 2100:55:00114
8Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Lancaster 2100:55:19113
9Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Lancaster 2100:55:55112
10Antony PilkingtonCleveleys RCM50Lancaster 2100:56:11111
11Nathan TurnbullLeigh PremierMSLancaster 2100:56:45110
12Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Lancaster 2100:56:46109
13Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Lancaster 2100:57:01108
14Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Lancaster 2100:57:57107
15Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Lancaster 2100:59:05106
16Graham CarrickLakes RCMSLancaster 2100:59:22105
17Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Lancaster 2101:00:05104
18Dave CherryBorder City Wheelers CCM60Lancaster 2101:00:07103
19Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Lancaster 2101:00:28102
20William BelcherClayton VeloM50Lancaster 2101:00:31101
21Richie WattsRossendale Road ClubM40Lancaster 2101:00:59100
22David EbbrellBlackburn CTCMSLancaster 2101:01:1799
23Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Lancaster 2101:01:3598
24Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Lancaster 2101:02:1597
25Geoff DutesonPreston WheelersM60Lancaster 2101:03:2796
26Dave HuntRossendale Road ClubM50Lancaster 2101:07:0495
27Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Lancaster 2101:09:2894
28Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Lancaster 2101:16:0693
29David TinkerClayton VeloM50Lancaster 2101:19:4892
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSConiston Grand Prix00:53:18120
2Colin MckennaBarrow Central WheelersM40Coniston Grand Prix00:54:33119
3Julian PearsonTeam Hoppers RollersMSConiston Grand Prix00:55:54118
3Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Coniston Grand Prix00:55:54118
5Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Coniston Grand Prix00:56:09116
6Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Coniston Grand Prix00:56:35115
7Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSConiston Grand Prix00:56:45114
8Peter ThomasKent Valley RCMSConiston Grand Prix00:56:48113
9John O’CallaghanBarrow Central WheelersM40Coniston Grand Prix00:56:56112
10Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Coniston Grand Prix00:57:11111
11Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40Coniston Grand Prix00:57:24110
12Andrew WhalleyLakes RCMSConiston Grand Prix00:57:32109
13Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Coniston Grand Prix00:58:05108
14Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Coniston Grand Prix00:58:18107
15Howard LindowLakes RCMSConiston Grand Prix00:59:09106
16Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Coniston Grand Prix00:59:31105
17William BelcherClayton VeloM50Coniston Grand Prix01:00:06104
18Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Coniston Grand Prix01:00:19103
19Connor FurnessBarrow Central WheelersMSConiston Grand Prix01:00:28102
20Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Coniston Grand Prix01:00:44101
21Shaun JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersMSConiston Grand Prix01:01:25100
22Steven BoydBorder City Wheelers CCM40Coniston Grand Prix01:01:3799
23Ben WhiteheadWest Pennine Road ClubM40Coniston Grand Prix01:02:5498
24Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Coniston Grand Prix01:03:2297
25Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50Coniston Grand Prix01:03:3996
26Adrian BrooksBury ClarionM50Coniston Grand Prix01:05:0295
27Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Coniston Grand Prix01:05:2594
28Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Coniston Grand Prix01:07:1293
29Richie WattsRossendale Road ClubM40Coniston Grand Prix01:07:5292
30David TinkerClayton VeloM50Coniston Grand Prix01:25:3691
31Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Coniston Grand Prix01:34:3790
1Simon BridgeManchester WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:06:48120
2Ian CoxNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:11:33119
3Matthew PilkingtonCleveleys RCMSCircuit Of Dales02:16:04118
4Doug HartIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Dales02:17:09117
5Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Circuit Of Dales02:20:43116
6Colin MckennaBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:20:45115
7Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:22:13114
8Gordon Of Dales02:23:09113
9Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of Dales02:23:25112
10Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:25:01111
11Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of Dales02:25:03110
12Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Dales02:25:23109
13Chris LeeClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Dales02:26:32108
14Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM50Circuit Of Dales02:27:17107
15Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:27:46106
16Bob MurdochTeesdale CRCM50Circuit Of Dales02:28:46105
17Christian HendersonAllen Valley VeloM40Circuit Of Dales02:29:33104
18Peter LeonardSouthport CCM60Circuit Of Dales02:30:29103
19Geoff AyersVelo Club CumbriaM50Circuit Of Dales02:31:25102
20Paul RayRibble Valley CRCM50Circuit Of Dales02:31:29101
21Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:32:06100
22William BelcherClayton VeloM50Circuit Of Dales02:32:0999
23Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:32:1098
24David LeckenbyIlkley Cycling ClubM50Circuit Of Dales02:33:0897
25Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestMSCircuit Of Dales02:33:1396
26Philip BradshawWigan Wheelers CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:34:1895
27Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Dales02:34:1994
28Kev ShandWest Pennine Road ClubM60Circuit Of Dales02:35:1793
29Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:35:3792
30Duncan SmithTeam Hoppers RollersMSCircuit Of Dales02:36:0791
31Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Circuit Of Dales02:38:3690
32David TrotterLancaster CCMSCircuit Of Dales02:38:3989
33Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Circuit Of Dales02:38:4388
34Tim NortonLancaster CCM50Circuit Of Dales02:38:5487
35Paul TargettPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Dales02:39:0786
36Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Circuit Of Dales02:41:0185
37Andy PorterHorwich / 4 Season CyclesM40Circuit Of Dales02:41:5684
38Stewart MounseyKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:42:5783
39Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Dales02:43:2482
40Nathan TurnbullLeigh PremierMSCircuit Of Dales02:45:0981
41Nina BensonIlkley Cycling ClubW40Circuit Of Dales02:46:5680
42Dean McgarryNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Dales02:47:0979
43Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Circuit Of Dales02:47:2078
44Graham PitcherBarrow Central WheelersM50Circuit Of Dales02:50:1077
45Martin BrassPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Dales02:54:0576
46Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Dales02:55:5075
47Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Circuit Of Dales02:58:2574
48Dave BatesonHorwich / 4 Season CyclesM50Circuit Of Dales02:59:0173
49Craig WilsonNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales02:59:0672
50Barry RimmerWigan Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of Dales02:59:1971
51John LeachRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Dales03:00:5570
52Tony ShawNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Dales03:01:1769
53Sue CheethamNorth Lancs RCW40Circuit Of Dales03:03:5368
54Michael ShawWigan Wheelers CCMSCircuit Of Dales03:11:1167
55Danny DaviesPendle ForestM60Circuit Of Dales03:13:1666
56David TinkerClayton VeloM50Circuit Of Dales03:48:1865
1Alex FosterBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 2000:49:12120
2Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2000:50:46119
3Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Border City 2000:51:21118
4Julian PearsonTeam Hoppers RollersMSBorder City 2000:51:32117
5Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Border City 2000:51:36116
6Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Border City 2000:52:03115
7Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Border City 2000:52:43114
8Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Border City 2000:53:15113
9David RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaM50Border City 2000:54:06112
10David TrotterLancaster CCMSBorder City 2000:54:12111
11Graham PutnamBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2000:54:30110
12Keith MelvinBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2000:54:33109
13Geoff AyersVelo Club CumbriaM50Border City 2000:54:34108
14Peter LeonardSouthport CCM60Border City 2000:54:43107
15Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Border City 2000:54:56106
16Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Border City 2000:55:27105
17Peter ThomasKent Valley RCMSBorder City 2000:55:45104
18Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Border City 2000:56:31103
19Emil PetrovBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2000:56:41102
20Graham CarrickLakes RCMSBorder City 2000:56:45101
21Steven BoydBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2000:57:10100
22Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2000:57:1899
23Andy ShaddockBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2000:57:3398
24Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CCM60Border City 2000:57:4197
25Jed HarrisVelo Club CumbriaM50Border City 2000:57:4496
26Dave CherryBorder City Wheelers CCM60Border City 2000:57:5395
27David SmithBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2000:58:4894
28Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2000:59:4393
29Howard CainBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2000:59:5692
30Hugh GreenBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 2001:00:3091
30Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2001:00:3091
32Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Border City 2001:00:4889
33Kevin GibbonsBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2001:03:5688
34Michael TaylorRossendale Road ClubM40Border City 2001:04:0587
35Tony JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersM50Border City 2001:06:1586
36Dave ForsterBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2001:07:2885
37Ali WilsonBorder City Wheelers CCWSBorder City 2001:09:1584
38Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Border City 2001:21:2783
1Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSWest Pennine 1400:35:54120
2Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60West Pennine 1400:37:03119
3Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40West Pennine 1400:37:48118
4David RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaM50West Pennine 1400:37:51117
5Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40West Pennine 1400:37:57116
6Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSWest Pennine 1400:38:16115
7Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40West Pennine 1400:38:19114
8Greg PlummerCleveleys RCM50West Pennine 1400:38:24113
9Paul TaylorNorth Lancs RCM40West Pennine 1400:39:06112
10William BelcherClayton VeloM50West Pennine 1400:39:11111
11Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40West Pennine 1400:39:26110
12David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine 1400:39:31109
13Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40West Pennine 1400:40:11108
14Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40West Pennine 1400:40:33107
15David TrotterLancaster CCMSWest Pennine 1400:40:56106
16Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50West Pennine 1400:40:57105
17Ben WhiteheadWest Pennine Road ClubM40West Pennine 1400:41:41104
18Adrian BrooksBury ClarionM50West Pennine 1400:42:50103
19Ron ValovinNorth Lancs RCM60West Pennine 1400:43:07102
20Simon MyerscoughRibble Valley CRCM40West Pennine 1400:43:41101
21Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50West Pennine 1400:43:51100
22Geoff DutesonPreston WheelersM60West Pennine 1400:43:5799
23Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40West Pennine 1400:44:4698
24Robert RutherfordWest Pennine Road ClubM40West Pennine 1400:44:5297
25Christopher ThomasRossendale Road ClubM40West Pennine 1400:44:5396
26Craig WilsonNelson WheelersM40West Pennine 1400:45:3095
27Michael TaylorRossendale Road ClubM40West Pennine 1400:46:2294
28Barry PrestonWest Pennine Road ClubM40West Pennine 1400:46:3893
29Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40West Pennine 1400:48:3192
30Alan BodellWest Pennine Road ClubM50West Pennine 1400:50:0091
31Alice CapstickNorth Lancs RCWJWest Pennine 1400:51:4090
32David TinkerClayton VeloM50West Pennine 1400:52:1889
33Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70West Pennine 1400:58:0488
1Simon BridgeManchester WheelersM40Ribble Valley 1900:33:33120
2John MorganPreston WheelersMSRibble Valley 1900:34:11119
3Jerry CrossManchester WheelersM50Ribble Valley 1900:34:20118
4Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSRibble Valley 1900:34:45117
5Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Ribble Valley 1900:35:16116
6Julian PearsonTeam Hoppers RollersMSRibble Valley 1900:35:28115
7David EbbrellBlackburn CTCMSRibble Valley 1900:35:34114
8John FindleyBill Nickson Cycles RTMSRibble Valley 1900:35:43113
9Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSRibble Valley 1900:35:53112
10Matt StellRibble Valley CRCMSRibble Valley 1900:36:09111
11Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Ribble Valley 1900:36:22110
12Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Ribble Valley 1900:37:11109
13Greg PlummerCleveleys RCM50Ribble Valley 1900:37:15108
14Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Ribble Valley 1900:37:16107
15Richard SagarNorth Lancs RCMSRibble Valley 1900:37:52106
16Aaron TonksRibble Valley CRCM40Ribble Valley 1900:38:16105
17Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Ribble Valley 1900:38:31104
18Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Ribble Valley 1900:38:46103
19William BelcherClayton VeloM50Ribble Valley 1900:38:50102
20Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Ribble Valley 1900:38:51101
21Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Ribble Valley 1900:38:59100
22Lee CarterRibble Valley CRCMSRibble Valley 1900:39:1399
23Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Ribble Valley 1900:39:2798
24Graham HarcourtPreston WheelersM40Ribble Valley 1900:39:3697
25Scott LeveringtonChorley Cycling ClubM40Ribble Valley 1900:39:3796
26Matthew DohenyLancashire RCM40Ribble Valley 1900:39:4195
27Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Ribble Valley 1900:39:5094
28Chris WattsRibble Valley CRCMSRibble Valley 1900:39:5193
29David TrotterLancaster CCMSRibble Valley 1900:40:0792
30Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Ribble Valley 1900:40:2191
31David HaworthNorth Lancs RCMSRibble Valley 1900:41:1590
32Steven HorrocksLancashire RCM40Ribble Valley 1900:41:1689
33Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Ribble Valley 1900:41:2988
34Neil WoodLancashire RCM50Ribble Valley 1900:41:5587
35Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Ribble Valley 1900:42:2286
36Paul DuckworthRibble Valley CRCM40Ribble Valley 1900:42:3585
37Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Ribble Valley 1900:43:5484
38Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Ribble Valley 1900:45:1183
39Richard ParkinsonCleveleys RCMSRibble Valley 1900:46:0782
40Gavin BeethamRibble Valley CRCM50Ribble Valley 1900:48:4681
41David TinkerClayton VeloM50Ribble Valley 1900:51:1080
42Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Ribble Valley 1900:52:0679
1Ewan FarrowIlkley Cycling ClubMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:07:51120
2Matthew PilkingtonCleveleys RCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:08:52119
3David KinlochIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:09:37118
4Paul Of Ingleborough01:10:29117
5Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:12:23116
6Geoff AyersVelo Club CumbriaM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:05115
7Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:36114
8Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:44113
9Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:15:58112
10Richmond DentonIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:16:16111
11Ian CliffeIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:17:28110
12Rebecca RimmingtonTrainsharp Racing TeamWSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:17:40109
13Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:18:28108
14David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:18:33107
15Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:18:38106
16Antony PilkingtonCleveleys RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:18:57105
17Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:19:14104
18William BelcherClayton VeloM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:20:54103
19Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:13102
20Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:20101
21Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:21100
22Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:3399
23Paul BraithwaitePendle ForestMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:21:4498
24Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:21:5997
25Martin RalphPendle ForestMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:22:5296
26Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:24:1295
27Ron ValovinNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:24:2094
28Martin WelshPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:24:3893
29Jed HarrisVelo Club CumbriaM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:0892
30Richard DurhamTeam SwiftM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:25:4791
31Dave HortonLancaster CCM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:26:1790
32Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:26:2089
33Kev ShandWest Pennine Road ClubM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:26:5588
34Judith IrvingKent Valley RCW40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:27:3187
35Graham PitcherBarrow Central WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:28:0286
36Leanne FarrowIlkley Cycling ClubWSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:28:1485
37Nina BensonIlkley Cycling ClubW40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:28:5984
38Russell MarsdenPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:29:4283
39Michael EllisPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:29:5782
40Ben JohnsonNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Ingleborough01:31:0481
41Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Ingleborough01:34:1680
42Tony JohnstonBarrow Central WheelersM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:36:1179
43David HilditchRibble Valley CRCM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:40:4878
44Danny DaviesPendle ForestM60Circuit Of Ingleborough01:42:4477
45Derek GrahamPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:42:5776
46David TinkerClayton VeloM50Circuit Of Ingleborough01:51:2575
47Fred AbbattPendle ForestM70Circuit Of Ingleborough01:56:0174
1John FindleyBill Nickson Cycles RTMSCircuit Of Pendle00:57:46120
2Warren Of Pendle00:57:47119
3Ian CoxNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Pendle00:58:07118
4David KinlochIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle00:58:17117
5Doug HartIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle00:58:47116
6Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Circuit Of Pendle00:59:01115
7Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Pendle00:59:07114
8Aiden HolgateNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Pendle00:59:30113
9Paul GreenhalghManchester WheelersM40Circuit Of Pendle00:59:45112
10David EbbrellBlackburn CTCMSCircuit Of Pendle00:59:47111
11Ged MillwardIlkley Cycling ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:00:33110
12Chris AndersonLakes RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:00:50109
13Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:01:01108
14Matthew JamesRossendale Road ClubMSCircuit Of Pendle01:01:09107
15Dean McgarryNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Pendle01:01:16106
16Simon PhillipsPendle ForestM50Circuit Of Pendle01:02:06105
17Rebecca RimmingtonTrainsharp Racing TeamWSCircuit Of Pendle01:03:32104
18Austin FoyNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:03:33103
19Paul TaylorNorth Lancs RCM40Circuit Of Pendle01:03:37102
20William BelcherClayton VeloM50Circuit Of Pendle01:03:47101
21Chris LeeClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:04:18100
22Antony PilkingtonCleveleys RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:04:3799
23Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:04:4098
24Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Pendle01:04:4197
25David HargreavesNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Pendle01:04:5296
26Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:05:1895
27Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Circuit Of Pendle01:05:2594
28Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Circuit Of Pendle01:05:4493
29Paul TargettPendle ForestM40Circuit Of Pendle01:06:0292
30Ron ValovinNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Pendle01:07:2291
31Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Circuit Of Pendle01:08:0590
32Richard SharplesClitheroe Bike ClubMSCircuit Of Pendle01:09:3489
33Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Circuit Of Pendle01:09:5188
34Adrian BrooksBury ClarionM50Circuit Of Pendle01:09:5287
35Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Pendle01:10:0686
36Mike OsheaRossendale Road ClubM50Circuit Of Pendle01:10:2585
37Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:10:4284
38David HaworthNorth Lancs RCMSCircuit Of Pendle01:11:0583
39Judith IrvingKent Valley RCW40Circuit Of Pendle01:13:0682
40Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Circuit Of Pendle01:13:4481
41Bernard ClaytonPendle ForestMSCircuit Of Pendle01:14:3380
42David SmalleyClayton VeloM60Circuit Of Pendle01:15:0779
43Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Circuit Of Pendle01:15:2978
44Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW40Circuit Of Pendle01:18:3577
45Danny DaviesPendle ForestM60Circuit Of Pendle01:22:4276
46Alice CapstickNorth Lancs RCWJCircuit Of Pendle01:27:3075
1Richard BickleyBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2901:14:21120
2Craig HorsemanBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2901:14:50119
3Colin MckennaBarrow Central WheelersM40Border City 2901:17:17118
4Geoff AyersVelo Club CumbriaM50Border City 2901:18:43117
5Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Border City 2901:19:52116
6Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Border City 2901:20:07115
7David TrotterLancaster CCMSBorder City 2901:21:24114
8Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Border City 2901:22:24113
9Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:22:39112
10Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Border City 2901:23:05111
11Paul KingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:23:16110
12Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Border City 2901:23:18109
13Graham CarrickLakes RCMSBorder City 2901:23:57108
14Mark HarrisBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2901:25:12107
15Dave CherryBorder City Wheelers CCM60Border City 2901:25:18106
16Alex ForbesBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:25:48105
17Andy ShaddockBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:26:35104
18Douglas HaughBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2901:28:29103
19David SmithBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:29:18102
20Kevin CrawleyBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:29:20101
21Hugh GreenBorder City Wheelers CCMJBorder City 2901:31:20100
22Jed HarrisVelo Club CumbriaM50Border City 2901:31:3199
23Chris IrvingBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:34:0798
24Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Border City 2901:35:4897
25Carl WhinhamBorder City Wheelers CCM40Border City 2901:39:4396
26Chris RalphBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2901:42:5395
27Dave ForsterBorder City Wheelers CCM50Border City 2901:44:0194
28David TinkerClayton VeloM50Border City 2901:48:1793
29David GrahamBorder City Wheelers CCMSBorder City 2901:49:4592
1Warren RC 11 (1)00:25:32120
2Paul RC 11 (1)00:25:47119
3John FindleyBill Nickson Cycles RTMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:25:48118
4Mark HaydockNorth Lancs RCMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:05117
4Duncan ParkNorth Lancs RCM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:05117
6David EbbrellBlackburn CTCMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:11115
7Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:24114
8Rob DickinsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:56113
9Wilf SargeantWest Pennine Road ClubMJRossendale RC 11 (1)00:26:57112
10Colin MckennaBarrow Central WheelersM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:08111
10Nathan TurnbullLeigh PremierMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:08111
12Paul TaylorNorth Lancs RCM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:16109
13David RobinsonVelo Club CumbriaM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:19108
14Andrew IbbersonAllen Valley VeloM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:32107
15William BelcherClayton VeloM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:39106
16Roy FlanaganRossendale Road ClubM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:41105
17Nicholas CooperRossendale Road ClubMJRossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:48104
17Matthew JamesRossendale Road ClubMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:48104
19Simon PhillipsPendle ForestM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:49102
20Chris LeeClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:27:58101
21Derek SchofieldRossendale Road ClubM60Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:02100
22Stuart TimminsNorth Lancs RCM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:0599
23Rebecca RimmingtonTrainsharp Racing TeamWSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:0898
24Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CCM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:0997
25Chris SmedleyNelson WheelersM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:1796
26Andy HornerBury ClarionM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:1995
27Tony LoweLancashire RCM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:4494
28Richard SagarNorth Lancs RCMSRossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:4793
29Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:4992
30Paul WarrenerRossendale Road ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:28:5091
31Paul TargettPendle ForestM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:0890
32Ian WilcockNelson WheelersM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:1189
33Stephen GardnerLancaster CCM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:1488
34Eamonn QuinnLakes RCM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:1987
35Graham HarcourtPreston WheelersM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:4786
36Matthew RC 11 (1)00:29:5185
37Karl MasonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:29:5984
38Ron ValovinNorth Lancs RCM60Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:0983
39Adrian BrooksBury ClarionM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:1382
40Stephen MoorhouseNelson WheelersM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:1981
41Chris MillerClayton VeloM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:3180
42Richard DurhamTeam SwiftM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:3479
43Richie WattsRossendale Road ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:4578
44John McgoldrickClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:30:5977
45Andrew HodgsonClitheroe Bike ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:31:2076
46Richard CarySouthport CCM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:31:3875
47Roger HaydockNorth Lancs RCM60Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:31:5274
48Michael TaylorRossendale Road ClubM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:32:5973
49David SmalleyClayton VeloM60Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:33:0672
50Paul MaxwellLakes RCM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:33:1671
51Stephen LordLeigh PremierM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:33:5570
52Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancs RCW40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:33:5969
53Colin ReynoldsLeigh PremierM40Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:34:0168
54Anthony AtkinsonLeigh PremierM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:35:1167
55David TinkerClayton VeloM50Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:35:5566
56Alice CapstickNorth Lancs RCWJRossendale RC 11 (1)00:36:3765
57Fred AbbattPendle ForestM70Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:37:0564
58Peter KnottRibble Valley CRCM70Rossendale RC 11 (1)00:40:4263